Pet & People Portraits

Create a timeless memory of your much loved pet.

All portraits are individually hand drawn in pencil, by Cathy Hamilton. Please contact me if you are interested in a portrait of a person.


  • Mounted, backed and cello bagged. Dimensions: 280mm x 350mm OR
  • Mounted, backed and framed in black timber and glass. 310mm x 385mm




"I received in the mail this week my new beautiful portrait of Willow the Labrador. I didn't think I would cry when I saw it but as soon as I took that piece of cardboard off, I screamed and burst into tears! I was looking at my darling girl again! Words cannot describe just how perfectly you captured her and how accurate it is. It's truly beautiful! Thank you so much for this amazing artwork and being able to give me something wonderful and unique to look at and remember her by. I'm eternally thankful!"

- Claire

As featured in Country Style